Plastic Surgery Simulator 1.2.8


The official Plastic Surgery Simulator is an application that will let you easily modify photos with your finger by stretching, growing or shrinking the touched areas to simulate photo realistic plastic surgery results. Have you ever wondered how you would look like with a differently shaped nose, chin, breasts, or buttock? Stop guessing; upload your photo in our software and find out.

Our software is popular among plastic surgery surgeons and candidates, social network members who want to improve their appearance, and people who want to have fun warping photos of celebrities and pets.

What plastic surgeries can you simulate? :

• Rhinoplasty ( nose job )
• Chin reduction / augmentation
• Face contouring
• Tummy tuck
• Lips augmentation / reduction
• Breast augmentation / reduction
• Any kind of liposuction on face and body
• Buttock augmentation / reduction
• Ethnic plastic surgery
• Muscle augmentation / reduction
.... many more virtual transformations...

Application features:

More than a simple image distortion tool, our application was built from the ground up with exclusive specific features for efficient, high quality plastic surgery simulations:

• Smooth and powerful image distortion algorithms for professional photo realistic image distortions.
• Stretch, grow and shrink effect brushes.
• Brush size variation setting.
• Zoom and scroll.
• Reset, undo (latest 3 modifications).
• Morphing animation: morph original image into the modified image.
• Save your image, send it via email, or publish it on facebook
• Import image from library, memory or camera (when available)
• Image Cropping
• Single and dual view: Dual view compares on the same screen the original image, and the modified image so you can get a good overview of changes accomplished. This view will also greatly help you to work on small screen devices: when you work on the image on the right, the original image on the left will instantly transform itself into a mirror of the working image, thus showing your changes live without your finger hiding them.

This application is the official adaptation of the popular Virtual Plastic Surgery software developed initially on Windows desktop PCs, and sold in over 60 countries. This mobile version was specifically developed for Android devices and was optimized to be usable on the following screen resolutions:

480 x 320 pixels
800 x 480 pixels
480 x 854 pixels
600 x 1024 pixels
800x1280 pixels

Last Updated:2015-06-10 12:15:26
File size:3.79MB

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